Anyone who brews their own beer is a REAL SOB!

April Meeting Agenda

Our toast for the evening will be given to us by Mike Schlosser.

New Members & Guests
If you know of a guest that is joining us for the evening, please let one of the officers know ahead of time so that we may welcome them for the nights festivities.

Guest Speaker
The night’s guest speaker will be Kirby Nelson from Wisconsin Brewing Company in Verona.  For those who may not know Kirby, he was the former brewmaster of Capital Brewery in Madison for 25 years.  Kirby will give us a background in what got him into brewing and some info on his newest venture with Wisconsin Brewing Company.  We ask that everyone holds off on asking any questions for Kirby until after he is finished.  Although no time has been set, Kirby will be heading back to the Madison area when he is done, so the length of his presentation is entirely up to him.
At the last meeting we discussed the (3) changes that were proposed for our Bylaws.  They were: A) The use of the words “fermented beverages” to cover all aspect of homebrewing products such as beer, wine, mead, cider, Kombucha, etc…; B) The restructuring of member removal to be the Executive Committee’s decision first and then to the membership if needed; and C) Officer term limit, which was decided to keep as currently worded.  The response to these suggested changes was very positive and we would like to get them into action.  Attached to this email is the latest version for you to review by Wednesday’s meeting.  Please review this latest version for the exact wording and then after Kirby is done with his presentation we can vote on this.

Jeff Eaton sent out an email to all of the members this last week with the details for touring some Madison area breweries such as Ale Asylum, Karben4 (if time allows), Wisconsin Brewing Company, and Gray’s Tied House or Great Dane Fitchburg (if time allows).  The tours are free but we need to know if you are interested in going.  We would like to see the bus filled so that everyone’s cost is at a minimum.  Please see Jeff by meetings end to let him know if you’d like to go and haven’t signed up yet.

Club Event
In about 2-1/2 weeks we will be having our annual Big Brew Day.  As with last year, it will be held in the parking lot of O’Marro’s Public House.  Start time will be 8:00 am, of course you are welcome to arrive at any time you wish.  We ask that you plan your brew schedule accordingly so that we can shoot for a 3:00 pm wrap-up time.  This way we will be out of the way before the pub opens for the night.  The club will be providing simple snacks such as chips & veggies and we would like for anyone else attending to please provide a dish to pass.  Charlie’s Hot Dog Wagon will be onsite that day to sell his hot dogs for any and all interested.  We will also have water and electrical access.

Other Club Events
If time allows we would like to have a quick discussion about the S.O.B.’s other upcoming events.  Brews n’ Blues is only a couple months away (June 14), as well as the AHA Convention (June 12-14), and Casks & Caskets will not be too far behind (Nov 1).

HBW – Hooz Brewin Wut
Also, if we haven’t gone ridiculously over time, at the end of the meeting we’d like to know what you all have on your fermented beverages schedule.

Since our guest speaker is from Wisconsin Brewing Company the committee is planning on having some pairings with the variety of WBC beers.

These items will not be discussed in the meeting but for those who are interested in entering any competitions, these are what’s coming up in Wisconsin.  Please check out the American Homebrewers Association’s website at for more details.
Apr 19 – Between the Bluffs Homebrew Competition, La Crosse
Apr 26 – MCAB XVI Championship, Milwaukee
Apr 26 – Titletown Open (20th Annual), Green Bay
May  9 – Wisconsin State Fair Homebrew Competition, West Allis
Jun  7 – All-American Beers Competition 2014, Appleton
Jun 14 – Door County Homebrewing Championship, Baileys Harbor
Jul 26 – German Fest Stein Challenge, Milwaukee
Sep  6 – Schooner Homebrew Championship, Racine
Oct 11 – 2014 Delafield Brewhaus Schnapp Hans Cup, Milwaukee

Upcoming Events
Also not to be discussed in the nights’ meeting are the following events where the S.O.B’s are being asked to serve homebrews.  While the S.O.B.’s will be focusing on Blues n’ Brews and Casks & Caskets as their main events for showcasing our homebrewing talents, there are other events where you may serve your wares and represent The Society of Oshkosh Brewers if you are interested.
Jun  7 – 11th Annual Beer Barons’ World of Beer Festival, Milwaukee (
Sep 13 – Great Lakes Brew Fest, Racine (

Big Brew for National Homebrew Day

Come join us on Saturday May 3rd from 9am - 3pm to celebrate National Homebrew Day!

Big Brew is a celebration of National Homebrew Day (May 3). Each year homebrewers around the world invite family and friends to their brewing site on the first Saturday in May to celebrate the holiday. Everyone is encouraged to help out with the brew, enjoy the fun and join in on a world-wide toast at noon. We will be having our Big Brew at O'Marro's Public House in the parking lot at 9am, May 3. Meet and talk with fellow homebrewers, make some new friends, learn about brewing and brewing techniques, and enjoy some great home brewed beer.

This year, there are 3 featured recipes from the AHA. So, if you're not sure what to brew, here are a few ideas:

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, May 3, 2014 - 9:00am to 3:00pm

SOB Meeting 275

The night started off at 7:05 pm with a great toast from our former Secretary, Lee Reiherzer, with his personal, poetic flair.  Thank you Lee!

We then moved on to hear what everyone has brewing.

  • Jody Cleveland is continuing on his journey through "Brewing Classic Styles"
  • Zach Clark & Ian Wenger currently have a Belgian Dark Strong, a Scottish Ale and a Bourbon Barrel Porter going.
  • Mark Schmelling has a Bourbon Barrel Stout using an oak spiral in place of chips.
  • Al Jacobson has 6 carboys of wine and is looking for anyone who would like to come over and bottle them... I'm not sure what he's offering for payment... ;)

Afterwards, we welcomed our newest members Kevin Clark and Maurice Berglund, and greeted a new face, Paul Jr.  Welcome aboard!

Bylaws were next on the agenda and it was decided that at the April meeting the revised bylaws would be voted on.  Items that came up for discussion and were agreed upon were.

  • The use of "fermented beverages" as the choice of wording instead of trying to decide what should be listed for all of our end products.
  • Term limits currently defined in the bylaws were sufficient and needed no updating.
  • Any removal of members (due to reasons more defined in the bylaws) will go to the board for decision.  Then if that member wishes to appeal, they can bring it to the attention of all members for a final vote.

Please come to the next meeting to help finalize the updates to our bylaws.

By this time we were about midway through the meeting (almost) and Stefan Davis offered up his Milk Stout, an extract of his own design, for review by all.  Thank you Stefan, everyone agreed that it was very good and we hope you received the feedback you were looking for.

An upcoming brewery tour to Wisconsin Brewing Co and Ale Asylum was brought up for a tentative date of May 10.  Jeff Eaton will be contacting the breweries to see if that date works to get a tour of their facilities.  There is a signup sheet online for you to add your name if you’d like to go.  The sooner we have an idea on how many are attending, the sooner we can get transportation figured out.  Here’s the link:
   More info to follow as it arises...

Big Brew Day is coming up soon (May 3) and we will be starting at 8:00 am in the parking lot of O'Marro's Public House.  There will be water access provided by Shawn O'Marro for chilling our wort and electricity will also be available.  Thank you Shawn for allowing us, once again, to make use of your property for this big event.

Zach Clark asked about flyers being made up to send out to other bars in the Oshkosh area for their patrons to see what we will be doing that day.  This will give the community a chance to stop down and check out the many styles and techniques of homebrewing... and maybe try a sample or two.  Anyone interested in helping put together a flyer?

Then it was time for us to turn our attention to our special guests, Sarrah & Jason, as they informed us on the health benefits of Kombucha Tea (has many probiotics & vitamins and is good for our liver) and the process by which they make theirs (you can use black, oolong, green or white tea leaves as long as they have no oils like flavored teas as that doesn't work well with the "mother"). Plus, they answered the many questions we had.  Afterwards, they shared with us some of the tea they had made with different fruit flavorings.

Mike Engel also shared some of his Kombucha Tea with us as well.  Along with Mike, we also have a few members, Lee Reiherzer and Jody Cleveland (have I missed anyone), who also make Kombucha.  So, if anyone is interested in making Kombucha tea and need a "mother", we have some members that would be happy to help get you started, as well as Sarrah & Jason.  I think we will see/hear of more of this being made.  Thank you to all who helped increase our knowledge of Kombucha Tea.

Our style focus for the night was Stouts and Lee Reiherzer gave us a historical background on this plus a brief overview of the many types of Stouts there are today.  While Jody Cleveland shared his Sweet Stout in which he cold-steeped his dark grains overnight.  Thank you Lee for that bit of knowledge and Jody for sharing.

Shane Coombs filled us in a bit more about his upcoming "Friends of the Meadery" event on April 5 from Noon-5pm at his coming soon Rushford Meadery & Winery (The former Enterprise School at 8389 Liberty School Road, Omro, WI).  He is offering this event up to us for a tasting of test batches of wines, meads, ciders and even a perry.  Along with this there will be venison chili & sandwiches, clam chowder and other sides being served from 2-5pm.  Sounds like a great event!  Thank you Shane for offering this up to us, we're looking forward to it.

There was a brief update to the AHA National Homebrewers Conference.  The SOB's will have a booth with a logging theme.  Zach Clark & Ian Wenger brought in a Golden Ale to sample that was run through Oak shavings on its way to your glass that they're planning to bring to the event.  If you would like to add some of your homebrews to the list for the gang to serve at the conference, you can sign up here:

Mike Engel informed us of the upcoming Door County Beer Festival on June 14 in Baileys Harbor, WI.  ( There will also be a competition and it sounded like they are looking for judges.  Just click on the “Competition” title from the main web page to check it out.  If you’re interested in judging, contact Jim Lundstrom (coordinator, Door County Homebrew Championship) at 920-421-3441 or email him at, and he can help you out.

Lastly, Lee Reiherzer motioned to adjourn the meeting at 8:25 pm and received many seconds.  Meeting adjourned, time to sample.

The nights samplings included:

  • Kombucha Tea from Sarrah & Jason
  • Kombucha Tea from Mike Engel
  • Milk Stout from Stefan Davis
  • Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookie Stout from the Udelhaoven's
  • Oak Shaved Golden Ale from Zach Clark & Ian Wenger
  • Pizza Ale from Jeff Eaton
  • Brown Ale from Jeff Eaton
  • Oshkosh Dark Lager from Lee Reiherzer
  • Wild Rice Nut Brown w/Maple Syrup & Cranberries from Richard Cardenas
  • Doppelbock and Chipotle Spiced Doppelbock from Richard Cardenas
  • Tomato wine from Richard Cardenas
  • Blueberry Pomegranate Mead from Richard Cardenas
  • Spiced Mead (Metheglin) from Richard Cardenas
  • Sweet Stout from Jody Cleveland
  • A few meads from Shane Coombs

  --- I think that was all.  My apologies if I missed anyone.

One final note: Kyle Clark mentioned that he is running again for the Oshkosh Common Council and would like your support.

Until we meet again on April 16, Happy Brewing everyone!


Upcoming Siebel Courses

The Siebel Institute of Technology offers more brewing courses than any other school in the world. Find out how you can accelerate your career with campus and web-based courses from America's oldest and most respected brewing school.
Apr, 6th - Apr, 26th 2014        
Web-based Executive Overview of the Brewing Process
Apr, 14th - Apr, 17th 2014      
Master of Beer Styles and Evaluation Program
Apr, 14th 2014                       
Sensory Analysis for Flavor Production and Control
Apr, 18th 2014                       
Beer and Food: A Hands-On Encounter
Apr, 28th - May, 9th 2014       
Doemens Beer Sommelier Course
May, 4th - Aug, 3rd 2014        
Web-based Concise Course in Brewing Technology
May, 5th - May, 16th 2014      
Brewing Microbiology Course
May, 25th - Jun, 14th 2014      
Web-based Executive Overview of the Brewing Process
Jun, 2nd - Jun, 6th 2014           
Craft Distilling Operations and Technology
Jun, 9th - Sep, 6th 2014           
Web-based Beer Production and Quality Control
Jun, 9th - Jun, 11th 2014          
Start Your Own Brewery
Jun, 12th - Jun, 13th 2014        
NEW! Start Your Own Bar and Restaurant
Jun, 17 - Jun, 20 2014
Draught Master Program
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March Meeting Agenda

Our meeting will start off with a toast by Lee Reiherzer.

HBW – Hooz Brewin Wut
If you have something brewing or coming up soon, we’d all like to know.

Earlier in the week, Chuck sent out a copy of the Bylaws for all of you to review and comment/question on.  If you have any, please contact one, or all, of the board members so that it can be brought up and reviewed.  Several good suggestions have already come in which we would like to review.  If supported, we will vote and approve that night.

MMWW – Mid-Meeting Whistle Wetter
Do you have a brew that you would like to have “judged by a jury of your peers”?  Bring it in and note it on the sign-up sheet that you have some to share.  Your fellow members would be happy to provide you with constructive critiques.

We will also focus on a particular style.  This month that style will be Stout.  There will be a calibration brew provided and a description of this style.  Members are encouraged to bring a stout they have brewed for evaluation.

We’re looking to see who would like to go on a Brewery Tour.  The thought right now is to attend some of the breweries that Madison has to offer in May or June.  Breweries such as Wisconsin Brewing Co, Ale Asylum, Karben4, and the list goes on…  If you’re interested we would like to know soon who is on board so that we can start looking at a means of transportation (personal, van or bus) and cost.

Club Event
Big Brew Day is just around the corner.  Before we know it May 3rd will be upon us.  Now is the time to start planning on what you’d like to brew.  Ideas?  Suggestions?  We’d like to hear.

Guest Speaker
If you’re not familiar what Kombucha Tea is (a raw, fermented, probiotic, and naturally carbonated tea prepared from a symbiotic colony of yeast and bacteria that is added to tea for its alleged health benefits) then you will want to attend this month.  Sarrah & Jason from Becket’s will be guest speaking about Kombucha Tea.  They will give a brief on what it is, offer samples of their brew (and there will be a few different flavors), provide a handout on the health benefits of Kombucha and a SCOBY (Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast… think Amish Bread Starter, only for a drink).  If you’ve made Kombucha and have some you would like to share, please do.

A suggestion for munchies for this meeting is a Beer Pairing with Chocolate.  Do you have a beer/wine/mead or two or three that you think will pair good with chocolate, bring them in.  And if you’re unsure what kind of chocolate would go well with your libation, here are a couple of links to give you some ideas.  Check them out.

Last Call
There will be a sign-up sheet where you can help fill in the blanks for ideas on items to discuss at the other meetings as well as munchies.  If there is some brewing knowledge or culinary skill you’d like to share, please sign up.

A final note, before the night is done and you head home, please collect any product you brought.  And if you used one of the provided tasting glasses, remember to leave those behind so that we will have them for next month.


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