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Jody Cleveland's guide to canning wort

Canning wort is a great time saver. You make a bunch of starters at once, and they’re ready to go any time you need them. To get started canning wort, you will need some equipment:

  • pressure cooker
  • pint jars
  • quart jars
  • stir plate (not necessary, but nice to have)
  • vessel (I prefer a 1 or 2 mL flask)
  • if using a stir plate, a stir bar

Here’s the recipe for quart jars (half DME for pints):

  • 3.2 oz DME (light pilsner)
  • 1 pinch yeast nutrient
  • water to fill

Fill the jars until just 3/4” below the top of the Mason jar (I generally go right to the line where the ring snugs into the jar), and use a whisk to make sure all the DME is dissolved. I went through quite a few jars breaking before it occurred to me that the DME was forming air pockets which caused the glass to crack and break when under pressure. Whisking has eliminated this problem.

Place a lid and ring onto the jar and hand-tighten until snug.

Follow the instructions of your pressure cooker to can. Make sure you maintain the recommended pressure for 15 minutes. Once everything cools, your canned wort is ready to go.

When you're ready to make a yeast starter, just grab a jar, shake it up, pop the top and pour it into whatever vessel you normally make a starter in. Pour in the yeast, and you’re done.

July Meeting Agenda

Our night will begin at 6:30 at O’Marro’s Public House where we can all gather and enjoy a pint (or two) before the meeting begins.
At 7:00ish the meeting will begin with a toast followed by the list of items to discuss and inform.
Jun 21 was Brews n’ Blues and Jun 28 was Appleton Ale Fest.  The SOB’s had a tent for both events and had a great response from all.  We’ll have a quick recap of both events.
Casks & Caskets is getting nearer and before you know it, it will be Nov 1.  If you’re looking to be involved in this great homebrew event, better start planning your beers, wines, meads or ciders.  We will have a quick update for you all.
Aug 2 is Mead Day.  Like Big Brew Day, this day was organized by the American Homebrewers Association in 2002 as a way to “increase mead awareness and foster camaraderie among meadmakers.”  If any of you meadmakers would like to put together a little gathering on that day for other fellow meadmakers or those who would like to learn about meadmaking let us know at the meeting.
The Oshkosh Farmers Market has begun and the SOB’s will be there for a few dates.  On Sep 13, Steve Wissink & Jody Cleveland will be at Oblio’s sharing some homebrew.  There may even be a Chili Cook Out.  Plus, this is a great way to help promote Casks & Caskets.  If you’re interested in being a part of the Farmers Market now’s your chance.
As most of you are aware, we have talked in the past about club/event insurance.  Coming up real soon, the AHA will be offering insurance for homebrew clubs that will cover just that.  There was an article on this in the latest Zymurgy magazine.  Sadly, in this day and age everyone needs to be a bit more protected, and it looks like the AHA is recognizing this need.  More details will be brought up.
August’s meeting will be on the 23rd (Sat) from 5:00-9:00 pm and will be at the home of Steve & Janet.  There will be a sign-up sheet for all who would like to attend.  This gathering is for members only but each member may bring 1 guest and no children are allowed.  Brats, burgers & buns will be provided so it is asked for all attending that each bring either a dish to pass or $5 to help cover the costs.  Don’t forget your lawn chairs and beverages are welcome!
We are also looking at a couple of ideas for a couple of club activities/education.  One is a glassware demonstration.  This demonstration would involve explaining the different styles of glasses and their importance to the styles of beers they are associated with.  If any of you would like to head this up or be a part of planning this event, come see one of the officers after the meeting.  The other idea is an off-flavor demonstration.  We would be looking at getting an off-flavor kit that would get blended with a light beer (Coors Light) so that we can taste the different types of off-flavors that can come about in the making of beers.  This would help train our palates as to what to look for and the reasons why they are present.  More to follow on these future educational opportunities.
After the meeting is over and any other notifications from all of you have been brought up, we will then get into our social hour.  This week we will be having pairings.  Like last month’s pairings with cheese (which was awesome) this month ask that you bring in any pickled food items.  I’m sure there are many of you who like to pickle items like vegetables, eggs, pigs feet, etc….  we are Homebrewers and they like to make things.  So bring in your pickled food items.  (Tums, Mylanta, Beano, etc… will not be provided so be prepared to bring them if necessary. J)

SOB Meeting 278

Chuck Tomsovic started our night off with a toast and Steve Wissink informed us on our financial status.
Jeff Eaton gave us an update on the AHA Conference.  There were 70 different homebrew clubs represented and over 4000 people attending.  The SOB’s had a lumberjack themed booth and the “Log Run” was very well received.  After the meeting had adjourned and the social hour had begun, Shaun Lord had setup his laptop to project a slideshow of photos from the conference for all to see.
There was a last minute update for Brews n’ Blues, which also showcased the Log Run and had the SOB’s very own Mike Engel performing with his band Tin Sandwich.
Mike Engel informed us on the latest news for Casks & Caskets.  He was able to get some of last year’s sponsors to return and the sponsor letters for getting others to come on board will be sent out soon.  The event also started to receive items for the silent auction.  Plus, Copper Box had been approached as a possible band option for the event.  The goal for this year’s Casks & Caskets is to give the food pantries of Oshkosh $10K.
Steve Wissink gave us an update for the upcoming Aug meeting at their house.
Then we wanted to know who had anything brewing and Jody Cleveland mentioned that he is currently ¼ of the way through Brewing Classic Styles.  Richard Cardenas had just started two lilac wines and a mint wine.  And Chuck Tomsovic had bottled his Altbier.
It was then mentioned that Pigeon River was now on tap at Dublin’s.
Andy McClaine & Al Jacobson motioned to have the meeting adjourned and there were many seconds.  Motion was carried and it was then on to the cheese pairings.
The nights lineup of beer and cheeses were:
Kevin & Karen Lentzin brought an Abbey Dubel paired with Black Pepper cheese
Jeff Eaton brought an Amber Ale paired with Parmesan cheese, Founder’s Oak Aged Rye IPA & Bell’s Barley Ale
Steve Wissink brought an American Pale Ale & O’so Clove Kit paired with Feta cheese
Michael Udelhoven brought a Maibock paired with Spent Grain Bread made from the Maibock
Brett Hintz brought a Beer/Wine Hybrid
Ian Wegner & Zach Clark brought an Imperial Vienna Lager paired with Sharp Provolone cheese & Saffron Kölsch paired with Dill Havarti Cheese
Bob (Stein?) and Dennis (Nickelbein?) brought a Robust Porter paired with Caerphilly & Ale Caerphilly cheeses
Shawn Lord brought a smattering of beers
Richard Cardenas brought a Multigrain Pale Ale paired with Muenster chees, a Strawberry Rhubarb Wine paired with Farmers cheese, a Sun Sugar Tomato Wine paired with Mozzarella cheese, a Dry Green Apple Cider paired with Peppadew Goat cheese, a Mint Wine & Blueberry Pomegranate Mead paired with Feta cheese, and an assortment of crackers.
Mike Schlosser & Megan Higgins brought a Widmer Brothers Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout paired with Fudge cheese (yummy!)
Andy & Sandy McClaine brought Pabst Blue Ribbon paired with Easy Cheese with Bacon Ritz crackers
Someone I don’t recall brought Keystone Light paired with Processed American cheese
Another not on the list brought Sierra Nevada’s Torpedo IPA paired with Blue cheese
All in all, I’d say that was one of the best pairings with cheese and beer, wine, meads & ciders I ever had.  I’m definitely looking forward to the next one.


June Meeting Agenda

June is Dairy Month
We would like to have cheese pairings with our beers after the meeting is done and the mingling begins.  Whether you bring a homebrew or a commercial beer, if you can, please bring some cheese to offer as a pairing for them.  Wisconsin is the Dairy State and I think we will have a much easier time looking for cheese varieties to pair with than we had with chocolate.  There are plenty of websites out there to offer assistance in determining what cheese pairs best with beers.  Google or Bing or Yahoo search and have fun with this.  Crackers are also a good addition to go with these pairings so you are welcome to bring them along to.
AHA Conference (Jun 12-15)
Our SOB representatives will be back from their weekend of fun in Grand Rapids, MI, for the annual AHA National Homebrewers Conference.  They will give us a recap of the event and hopefully have a slideshow for us.
Brews n’ Blues (Jun 21)
We are still waiting for word on how many volunteers will be able to help out for this event.  I know this is cutting it close as the event is only a few days after the meeting.  As more info arrives between now and then, we will make sure to get that out to all who are on the list for volunteering.
Appleton Ale Fest (Jun 28)
Sounds like if anyone is interested in representing the SOB’s at this first-time event for Appleton there may be an opportunity.  Depending on how much “product” remains from both the AHA Conference and Brews n’ Blues we may have plenty to offer to the people of Appleton.
Farmers Market (Jun 7 – Oct 25)
It’s Farmers Market time and we are looking to having our booth setup for all to be informed on what we do.  Plus, to help promote Casks & Caskets.  If you would like to help run the booth some Sat come see one of the officers.  The event runs from 8:00a-12:30p with setup starting at 7:00a.
Heads up for the August Meeting (Aug 23)
The August meeting will be held at the home of Steve & Janet on Sat, Aug 23, from 5-9p.  The event is for members and a guest and we ask that you bring either a dish to pass or $5 to help offset the cost of the main food item(s) being prepared (more details to follow).  There will be a sign-up for this so all will know who’s bringing what and we have a good headcount.  Oh, and don’t forget to bring some homebrews.  As we know, those are always welcomed!
Casks & Caskets (Nov 1)
More details on this big event will be discussed.
And lastly, there have been some ideas for future meeting education that have been brought up by our members.  One is a Beer Glass education where there will be a discussion on the variety of beer glasses available and how they are paired with certain styles of beers.  Another is a an Off-Flavor Tasting where we will get an off-flavor kit from Siebel and use to train our taste buds to the different off flavors beer can get through something that didn’t work quite right.  Both of these are great ideas and if you would like to help be part of a committee to put this together, please see one of the officers.

SOB Meeting 277

Well, Chuck happened to be traveling the world (for work) and we did not have a committee meeting.  It may have showed a bit as our agenda for the night was hastily put together and ran through fairly quickly.  Including our Toast for the night.  For that we turned to our newest review program “On the Couch with Zach & Ian”.  Thank you guys for the last minute request and starting our night off.  We look forward to what your program will offer next. J

Even though the meeting went quick we did cover pretty much all of what was and will be happening.  Items such as Big Brew Day and the Mad Town Brewery Tour.  Everyone who was part of these events had a great time and after the extremely long and cold winter were extremely grateful for the beautiful days we had.  Suggestions for another possible tour were for Green Bay/Door County.  More will be looked at for this choice and we may request the assistance of some of our members in planning this.

We also ran down some of the upcoming events such as AHA Conference (there was also a video to see after the meeting of the “log run” to be used at the conference and very possibly other events), Brews n’ Blues, Casks & Caskets, and Appleton Ale Fest.  All of which will be discussed more at the next meeting.

A couple of other items were brought up for future activities.  August 2 is Mead Day.  Like Big Brew Day and according to AHA, “Mead Day was created to increase mead awareness and foster camaraderie among meadmakers.”  Nothing official has been planned for this event just yet but if you’re interested…  Plus, in Feb 2015, the Appleton Libation Enthusiasts are having an Iron Brewer Competition.  The only information we have right now is that you must use Wyeast 3463 Forbidden Fruit Yeast.  From there it is pretty much wide open as to what you would like to make, all fermented beverages are on the table, whether it be beer, cider, wine or mead.  It is $5 per entry and there is no limit as to the number of entries.  They will have more details as the date draws nearer.

Mike Engel also informed us that Stone Arch Brew House will be making his Pumpernickel Rye again on a big scale.  The date had yet to be determined but for those who didn’t get to be a part of this last time might want to look at this time around.  Here’s a chance to be part of beer making at a craft brewery scale.

Other items that were brought up were a burner and regulator for sale that Mike Engel brought in from Mark Stanick(?).  And Julie Lawson brought to our attention some of the upcoming competitions such as the German Fest Stein Challenge and the Schooner Homebrew Championship.  She wanted all to know that for events like this where she is judging/attending she will be happy to pick-up your entries from places like The Cellar in FdL and transport them to the event.  See Julie if you have any other questions about this.

Beer offerings for the night were Jeff Eaton’s Chocolate Bunny Porter and a Smoked Porter, John Dewane brought in a Beer de Garde, Keven Jelic had a “Z” Weizenbock that had been morphed into a Saison, Ian & Zack brought a Sorachi Ace Pale Ale, Travis Sullivan had an Oak Aged Imperial IPA, and Kevin Lentzen brought some beers from former member Matt Willey who is now an assistant brewer at Big Choice Brewing in Broomfield, CO.



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